June-July 2010
Nathan got a bicycle conversion kit for his birthday this year.. he doesn't have the confidence or balance to ride a two wheeler.. even with the training wheels he was unsure of himself... the conversion kit came from Higley Metals and we are extremely pleased with it!

this was the bike when I bought it

and this is after the conversion..

Nathan LOVES it, but only has the strength to ride it for about 10-15 minutes before he is tired out and wants to stop, lol.

Nathan got to go to Buddy Camp this year as well!

*Buddy Camp is a week long day camp that is held at First United Methodist Church in Alexandria Louisiana. This camp pairs one typically developing child with one who is mentally or physically challenged. Throughout the week they participate together in a series of activities such as Swimming, horse back riding, indoor soccer, music, and art. These activities foster a relationship between the two children and show them all the ways they are alike rather than how they are different.*

He absolutely had the best time at Buddy Camp and can't wait to go back next year!

August-September 2010
Nathan started FIRST GRADE this year. Hard to believe but he did... since he reads at an advanced level, they are trying to focus more on Science and Math with him right now. His handwriting skills have improved SOOOOO much since last year with the therapy he has been getting.

here he is on his First Day of First Grade